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Reyhan Yalhi is a capable result oriented talent manager and advisor in the fields of brand management, strategy and project development with an experience of leading high performance teams and of successfully increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing inefficiencies. She has a nability to keep a level head at all times, nurture and grow a business, evaluate opportunities and risks and also deliver innovative new solutions to challenges. Her analytic mind, knowledge of new trends as well as her work experience in other countries places her in a unique position at an international level in her field.

She acted as an advisor for multinational brands and organisations in various sectors (retailing to entertainment) for their Asia, Middle East markets building brand and product strategies through knowledge of cultural consumer trends.

Yalhi is currently managing international and Turkish artists for their brand management and bookings within Turkey and other countries.


*Talent Manager of Carlton J. Smith(USA), Coskun Karademir (Turkey), Maya Azucena (USA), The Secret Ensemble(Turkey),

* Managing and booking of other Turkish and International artists/bands for all size of festivals in Turkey and other countries.

* Booking of artists/bands for all size stand alone shows.

* Working closely with hotels, clubs, private and corporate organizations locally and internationally

* Keeping up on industry trends and understand marketing concepts and strategies, including pricing, distribution, and direct marketing.

* Participate international expos, festivals . A member of APAP, Womex , Jazzahead