RY Management | Carlton J. Smith
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Performer extraordinaire, Carlton is a true Soul Man whose performances excite audiences worldwide.

Carlton J. Smith is a fantastic R&B/Soul entertainer and songwriter very much in the tradition of James Brown, Al Green, The Temptations, etc. He is a true expert and afficionado of the music genre and era. He has dedicated his life to composing his own music in the tradition of the great Soul/R&B legends and night after night he channels the energy and magic into a memorable performance. His magnificent stage presence and dynamic performances excite audiences all over the world from the USA, all the way to Europe and Asia.



Carlton J Smith had a career shift in Turkey since his first concert at Jolly Joker concert venue in Istanbul , 2014. After his extraordinary debut performance  Jolly Joker  invited him for  a 24 performances of Tour all around Turkey in 2 months. He was booked for 5 months of exclusive residency by Mardan Palace in Antalya and Marina Yacht Club in Bodrum for 2015 Summer. Since then he has been performing at the best venues and concert halls as well as the luxury resorts in Turkey.  He will be in South of Turkey starting from beginning of May and until the end of October in 2018… Stay Tune for the details.