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Anatolia is a land of heartfelt musical expression, Coşkun Karademir was captivated by its iconic folk lute, the baglama, while still a small child. Today, he fills his art with all the mystical sounds of his homeland. Learning from countless Anatolian masters, Karademir then devoted himself to folk and mystical music, releasing unforgettable albums in both genres. Quickly drawing attention with his CDs and concerts, he wrote the music for some of Turkish television’s most memorable series and films, and went on to receive awards and recognition for his success as a musical director for several albums for Kalan record label.


When his group The Secret Ensemble, which included renowned Iranian vocalist Mahsa Vahdat as guest artist, released its first album “Kuşların Çağrısı” (The Call of Birds), he emerged into the world stage to great interest. The musical quality of this album with Rumi’s timeless and universal lyrics is very well accepted by critics. This album is selected as “Top of the World Album” by Songlines magazine in 2017 and also nominated for the best artist group in Africa & Middle East cathegory.


After the success of the first album, Coskun Karademir was invited to record a duet album with Mahsa Vahdat in 2017 in Oslo, Norway by Norwegian Record Label KKV. This album, “Endless Path” is produced by Erik Hillestad and all arrangements are done by Coskun Karademir. A strong spirituality from distant centuries, borne by stories, poems, melodies and images, comes alive in this project that is uniting the poets Rumi and Yunus Emre and the Norwegian visual artist Emanuel Vigeland. Two singers, Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Coşkun Karademir from Turkey, channel this encounter between these three artists when they allow cascades of words and tones to reverberate around the walls of Vigeland’s magnificent mausoleum in Vinderen in Oslo, where the echoes last more than 14 seconds. After it is released in September 2017 the album received many good reviews like “Musical love, performed with love, in order to create love… This album is a masterpiece..Review by Ronnie MAG Larsen for Vårt Land, Oslo. And Coskun Karademir is mentioned as “ the new and big discovery of the latest era”. Songlines magazine selected the album as “ Top of the World Albüm ” and for their compilation album which is in the play list of British Airways. For the last 3 months Endless Path is listed on “Transglobal World Music Chart”.


Coskun Karademir returns back to the innovative fusion style that he created with eastern and western instruments in The Secret Ensemble. He brings the selected musicians from Ensemble together again as a quartet. In the new album will be released in April 2018, Turkish wind instruments virtuoso Emre Sinanmis blows his duduk , Murat Sungu cello player shows his unforgettable unique performance technique, merging a western classic instrument with Anatolian maqaams . Omer Arslan, a master drummer who extended the limits of ethnic percussion playing style to a higher level. And Coskun Karademir himself with his baglama and kopuz mastership well as his solos and arrangements enriches the ears of the audience.


Timeless, ageless, borderless, without the separation of religion and language; there is only feelings and music master’s the narrative here. You can hear the dialogue of the nature of an Anatolian Meadow, as well as the growing sounds of the flowers. You can go to the era of King Alfonso X with his composition for Virgin Mary “El Sabio” in Cantiga forms to Istanbul Palace for Sultan Abdulaziz’s composition, which he tried to capture the sound of Istanbul in a gondol boat on the Bosphorus. Quartet remembers an exceptional Armanian folk song on one side and a poem from Sah Hatayi on the other. All of these, so called different pieces are melted and transformed into a new understanding with the experience of visionary musicians.



Sense, Come back to me    https://youtu.be/S2LgF1G70XI

The Scent of the frost     https://youtu.be/yr5668_C6MU

Flowers https://youtu.be/snZOHQwareU

Santa Maria Amar https://youtu.be/8gtaLQvbwdo

Mountain Meadow https://youtu.be/TRiAYbY86Hs


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